Message from the Dean

Greetings and best wishes to all of you. I extend a very warm welcome to all the students aspiring to join our prestigious Institution.

With the aim of addressing to the problem of availability of quality tertiary level healthcare delivery in the State and attaining self-sufficiency in graduate and postgraduate medical education & training, the Government of Chhattisgarh has started this college in 2013.

The journey started with the ambitious targets of completing the task with minimal resources and tight jacketed schedules. But I feel so fortunate to have a team which enhanced our vision and efforts with their special talents for the achievement of the goals of the State. A journey which started out with hesitant, tentative steps can be seen blooming with markers of diligent progress. It has been both an honor and a privilege, being part of the journey together.

The students of Late Shri Lakhiram Agrawal Memorial Medical College are its pride and its strength. I hope to be able to interact with both, the faculty as well as the students and will try to address any problem that they bring, to the best of my abilities. I encourage students to take full advantage of the facilities available and perform to their full potential. I assure you that our faculty and administration would always be supportive in all endeavor’s. Healthcare is a rapidly advancing field with technological innovations as well as challenges posed by emerging new diseases, manmade disasters, ethical issues and consumerism.

To be a successful doctor of the future, the medical student will need the competence to play multiple roles as an ethical physician, a professional team leader, a humanistic citizen and a self-directed lifelong learner.

It will be my afford that all part of this college may function together harmoniously. It is my hope and dream that we take this institution to unprecedented heights. Towards this aim, I seek your sincere support.

Thank You